Grade lead ingots

Refined lead ingots are usually 99 to 99.999 percent pure, but 99.999 percent pure lead is more common commercially. With modern smelting and refining techniques, it is possible to achieve these high levels of purity, regardless of the nature of the raw material. Very high degrees of purity (99.999%), produced mainly for scientific and research purposes.

While there are no international standards governing the variety and purity of lead, standards have been established in some countries. In the United States, for example, lead, with a minimum purity of 99.94%, is called lead corrosive (the name comes from the process that makes up lead).

In this article, we have mentioned the types of lead and its properties from Asia Steel website.

Types of lead

Chemical lead is the most widely used grade after lead corrosion. In this type of refined lead, 0.04 to 0.08% of copper and 0.002 to 0.02% of silver have been used. In this grade, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength have been significantly improved, so it is very desirable as a coating material in the chemical industry, especially for plumbing.

Ordinary lead is completely refined and slightly mixed with copper. This type of lead is widely used where there is no need for high corrosion resistance.

Acidic lead, which is made by adding copper to fully refined lead, is higher than chemical lead.

Lead tin ingots

Lead tin ingots in Iran are very affordable and are at a very high level in terms of quality. This product is an important and suitable element for the electronics industry and is also used in the manufacture of tin tubs and bath equipment, automatic and fully automatic soldering machines.

Persian lead ingots

Now that manufacturers are working hard to produce domestic products, Tehran Metal Market has been able to provide a major part of the need for these products for domestic artisans. Manufacturers of electronic panels have also produced high quality products with the help of lead ingots. These products are competitive with foreign samples and have eliminated the need to import them to a large extent.

According to the analysis of the German STANNOL standard, Iranian lead ingots are produced with 100% quality sheet.

This lead ingot alloy, made for lead tin solder, is used in electronic board soldering in very low oxidation automatic tin pools, which means maximum performance and highest soldering quality. Damage to solder products is minimized with the help of these materials.

This tin ingot is made of materials that prevent oxidation. This advantage makes it possible to use this type of tin for higher temperatures and is suitable for all types of tin baths. This alloy, which is made according to the standard of Stanol alloy, forces the manufacturer to periodically analyze the quality of tin produced in soldering systems and evaluate its products.

Highest quality lead tin ingots

Malaysian pure tin metals and pure tin lead are made in Iran with the highest quality and all the elements needed to increase the quality of the product are used in these tin ingots. These elements prepare ingots for use in the electronics industry and soldering electrical panels.

Tin ingots that emphasize global standards meet specific consumer needs such as reducing waste generation, reducing copper corrosion and minimizing the possibility of short circuits. The use of Iranian tin ingots is very necessary for cost-effective production and significantly reduces production costs.

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